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We established our first mortgage underwriting guidelines web site in 2002.  www.Mortgageunderwriters.com has had great success.  Our intent was to educate the consumer so they wouldn't be taken advantage of by inexperienced lenders or loan officers.  To my surprise, it wasn't just buyers calling with questions, it was underwriters and loan officers from all around the world.  And, I might add ... at all hours of the night and day.

I didn't realize that even some mortgage professionals do not have anywhere to get advice or to research issues.  There are a few places on the net, but they have very high membership fees and the sites are complicated and difficult to maneuver. 

However, www.fha-guidelines.com is available for the mortgage underwriter.  It is far more detailed and you must have a basic understanding of the guidelines for the information to be useful to you.

In 2002 we also created a For Sale By Owner web site.  It's a wonderful site with lots of information that will help owners sell their homes.  The site is totally free for sellers to list their homes and they can upload 4 pictures.  Take a look at our site.  For Sale By Owner 

We developed this FHA specific web site because of the dramatic changes going on in the mortgage industry today.  The Sub-prime fall out is causing people to turn to FHA loans in greater number.  FHA loans have always been a very good loan with low rates but they can seem complicated.

We are still adding and changing things so if you feel there are areas we should include or give more detail to, please let us know.  If you see that we have made errors or that the guidelines have changed, please let us know that too.  We welcome your input and value your opinion.  Drop us an email.

We are not associated with FHA or HUD.  We do not sell mortgages or originate mortgages.  Our only intent is to help the consumer and mortgage professional understand the guidelines.  

Keep in mind that above all else, it is the lender and/or the lender's underwriter that has ultimate authority and decision making power based on their interpretation of the guidelines.  Many lenders have internal guidelines that hold the borrower to a higher standard.  FHA or HUD will not over ride the lender in those cases.



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